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The History of the Luboml Exhibition Project

These persons played key roles developing the archive
and sharing it with tens of thousands of persons.

Aaron Ziegelman Founder, Benefactor


Aaron Ziegelman, a Libivner who emigrated to the United States in 1938, initiated the Luboml Exhibition Project in 1994 to preserve the history and memory of this now-vanished shtetl. The Ziegelman Foundation has funded every phase of the project's development the archive, the traveling exhibits, documentary films and this website. For a biography, click here. In private life he is active in short term finance of real estate investment projects.

Fred Wasserman Founding Director, Curator


Fred Wasserman, an independent curator and museum consultant, was the Founding Director of the Luboml Exhibition Project. In that capacity he collected more than 2,000 photographs and 300 artifacts and documents from more than 100 families and archives around the world, curated the Remembering Luboml exhibition, directed a video oral history project, produced an exhibition video, and oversaw final production of the English translation of the Luboml Yizkor book.

Roberta Newman Associate Curator


Roberta Newman, writer, researcher, curator, media and web content producer specializing in Jewish culture and history, was Associate Curator of the Luboml Exhibition Project from 1994-1997. She cataloged the photographs and other artifacts, assisted the Curator in preparing the exhibition, and produced the videotape that accompanied the original exhibition.
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Jill Vexler, Ph.D. Executive Director of the traveling exhibition

Dr. Jill Vexler is a cultural anthropologist who has specialized in curating museum exhibitions about world cultures. From 1998 to 2003 she was the Executive Director of Remembering Luboml: Images of a Jewish Community, a traveling exhibition of archival photographs of Jewish life in a Polish village before World War II. It became the most traveled Holocaust-related exhibit. In October, 2003 she negotiated the donation of the Luboml Archive to the Library of Congress in Washington. More. Her website is

Eileen Douglas and Ron Steinman Documentary Film


Veteran broadcast journalists Eileen Douglas and Ron Steinman, partners in Douglas/ Steinman Productions, produced the film documentary Luboml: My Heart Remembers in VHS tape in 2002) and as a DVD in 2003.
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Arnold Berger Website Developer

This former professor and software executive's websites are mainly on Jewish themes, but they also include commercial sites such as one of the largest hard money lenders. In the Spring of 2001 he created as his gift to the project. With the support of the Aaron Ziegelman Foundation he has more than doubled the size of this website and is working on another expansion. The Luboml website attracts nearly two thousand visitors per month.